Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First guy who licked me was my Uncle

My title says it all, it was a bad experience but I know alot of people always have fantasies on such things. I'l turn it into a sex story instead of a sad story. Well, I won't be telling you guys after that what happen to him, okay NOTHING happen to him even after my family found out. Ain't that pathetic? Typical Asians thinks that the pride and dignity has better price than their only princess's virgin pussy. Shame on the Chinese.
*Beware, nasty words will be used in this post as I fcuking hate my Uncle for ruining my past.. But as I promise, this blog is about my sex life, so I'm gonna reveal how I was molested and almost raped by my UNCLE! Enjoy

So it happened when I just turn 17 legally. It was Nov, two months after my Birthday. That jerk came down for a vacation because he had a quarrel with his wife(my INNOCENT aunt). He was at my house with his youngest son which is my little cousin brother who has no idea that his dad was a moron to harass his elder cousin sister..What a shame!

He slept in my room for a week..Thanks to my parents who decided to put them in my room. Thinking that he's my uncle and no harm done, i wore a dress pajamas to sleep(those kiddo ones).. And obviously when you sleep the dress tend to role up sometimes... So there was one night when I was sleeping, and out of the sudden I felt someone was touching my thigh sliding his hand up and down and making his ways to my pussy...Immediately I turn my back towards him, and realizing that i was half awake he stop doing that. Before I turned over, he asked me whether is he allowed to slide his hand in and feel my pussy..I just ignored. I was shocked and terrified with his actions and was thinking should I tell my mum what happen or keep it to myself... And thinking that he's my favourite uncle I decided not to take any actions.

He drank that night though so I assume he was drunk. C'mon I was only 17 at that time. Never had any sex yet..still a naive bitch. And I heard him mumbling to me when he was touching me, telling me that he has not had any sex for the past 2 months. See how jerk he is, he should be embarrass of himself for fucking say such nasty words to his niece. Okay, well, fair enough he's uneducated old horny man.

Oh note that when he was doing all this, his son was sleeping beside him, in the same room as us.. Terrible father...Nyway they woke up very early the next morning, and I was still sleeping and at bout 12.30pm, he came in the room with a bottle of baby oil, locked the door and sat in front of me.. And then he came and kiss my forehead and asked me how's my leg doing as my sprained my ankle the night before. And I heard what he said but was too tired and sleepy to answer. He started massaging my leg..feeling so nice and comfortable, i fell asleep again and deeply this time. He continued massaging me and slowly going higher and higher and higher.

Then he started lifting my dress up, inch by inch...and i usually wear boxers when im sleeping rather than panties.. I could sense that he was peeping my little pussy through the boxer. While he was lifting up my dress, I could feel his finger on my nipple playing with it softly until it is fully harden, then he moved on to the other nipple and did the same thing.. FYI, I don't wear bra to sleep.. And when both were hards he started rubbing them against his palm softly and gently.. And i can feel my nipples are moving round and round and the feel is so nice.. Undeniable he was the first who did that to me..

As I still have my dress on he slide one of his hand inside and started fondling my breast...while his other hand were still playing with my hard nipples with the dress on..he pinch my nipples slowly..and feeling it between his fingers... he then slowly pull down my boxer, it was a huge loose boxer so its very easy to pull it off..

I woke up, got a shocked, and realize that it wasn't a dream and it was happening for real. I asked him what were he doing, and he got panicked and close my mouth with his hand and keep playing with my nipples. And then he took my boxer and stuff it in my mouth, hold two of my hands together and lifted up my dress until my neck and my boobs were flaunt. He suddenly got so excited and insade that he just grab my boobs as hard as he could and he did that to my breast one side to another side..and each time it gets harder and harder..It hurts alot...I could hear him whisper "Great boobs my niece have.. I would love to fondle them every night before I go to sleep..hmmm.." I was afraid, terrified. I didn't know what to do, afraid of being embarrass in front of all cousins, brother and family if i were to shout, I finally gave in and kept quiet and allow him to do everything to me with tears flowing down my eyes.

He continued grabbing my breast and squeeze them,pinch my nipples, slide it between his rough fingers, and twist it hard... Then he slide his hand down to my pussy push my legs off and wide was my first time my clit felt the finger of a man and he put some saliva and started playing with my clit..rubbing it faster and faster...Then he sucked my nipple and bite them hard..While his other hand were pulling my nipples and pinching them, and he said "Don't worry, uncle's just trying to kiss it better and you will love it.. I am showing you my affection and I adore you.."

He kept squeezing my boob hard rotating it from left to right and right to left amd that i could feel my nipple were standing hard. HE continue stroking my clit i could feel it so hard, rubbing it up and down again and again.. He then suck the other nipple and push my breast together and rub his face on my huge tits. Then he sucked my nipples together and squeeze my breast even harder this time. Then he slide his body down a little so he could start sucking my pussy.. He lifted my ass up a little so he could feel my pussy right on his face..and he started licking me..While he was licking he rubbed my hard nipples against his palm,going quicker and quicker, making me feel so nice, at the same time in shocked and terrified. The feeling was horrible, and unutterable. He slide one of his hand down to play with my clit while he put his warm tongue inside my pussy.. I could feel it so badly because I was a virgin..

Then he started putting in one finger while licking my clits and I was in a state where I don't even know what is happening and going on there.

He removed his pants while licking me and sucking me hard.. it was painful experience as I didn't know what was all that about. I knew about sex but I've never had any boyfriend to play or try with.. Just when he was about to slide his cock in, my cousins came knockin on the door asking if everything is alright and fine. And there is where he stopped everything, put his pants back, and then put back my boxers and said "I'll come back and continue it with you tonight alright.."

Just about the climax the story end.. He didn't get to insert his hard cock inside my pussy. Guess to some people its unlucky and to me, its lucky huh? :)

Well what you reckon the ending should be? Mind sharing?


  1. Too bad you did not get to experience your Uncles cock pumping in and out of you, then filling ur virgin hole full of semen I am sure you would have liked it.

    Tell me..are you hairy down there?


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  6. A shame u had to endure something so sickening from your loved one